Gardening Products

Gardening Products


A wide range of gardening products are sold here on site. These include:

Compost is the most important consideration within all gardening operations whether its planting in containers or growing in the soil we have a range of blends to suit most gardening/growing situations.

5 Different blends of our own peat free loam based composts are available including:

35 litre bags of:

Multipurpose compost – suitable for general gardening tasks like planting containers and baskets, potting up and transplanting seedlings, rooted cuttings and larger plants. Slow release fertiliser is mixed into this blend.

Organic general purpose compost – A mixture of well rotted manure, fish, b;l;ood and bone fertiliser and loam based compost. Suitable for vegetable/edible plant growing and cultivation. Whether you are growing plants in containers and pots or directly in the ground this will give the nutrients and growing medium without the chemicals.

Seed Compost – High loam content, fine sieved compost perfect for sowing seeds in containers

Soil Improver – Packed full of bulk organic material such as well rotted leaf mould/manure this is perfect for mulching around established trees, shrubs and perennials this can also be dug in to improve poor sandy stony soils.

Ericaceous Mix – This is perfect for mulching/potting up acid loving plants in, it includes ericaceous fertiliser and will suit Rhododendrons, Heathers, Azaleas, Camellias, Blue Berries, Enkianthus, Pieris etc.